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UK - Scholastic

Ways to Be Me

By Libby Scott Rebecca Westcott

Published Jul 2021



This sensitively written, standout prequel to Can You See Me? Follows Tally through her autism diagnosis and final year of primary school…


Ten-year-old Tally had high hopes for year six, being in the top class at school means there is a lot to look forward to – the most important thing being the school production, Tally is convinced she’ll win the lead role.


But at home…Things aren’t going so well.  Mum and dad have been making Tally feel pressured and upset, and Tally wishes things didn’t bother her so much – but they do, and sometimes she feels so misunderstood and frustrated, she could explode.

Then Tally’s mum and dad tell her about something she’s never heard about before, something called autism, and everything changes.