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The Coal Miner’s Wife

By Jennie Felton

Published Sep 2023

Somerset, 1911

Miner’s wife Lorna Harrison sometimes wonders what became of her marriage. The affection has gone, and now her husband Harry is surly and cold. But Lorna will always be grateful for the joy that their two daughters bring.

When a devastating accident occurs at the pit and Harry is unable to work, Lorna worries about how she will make ends meet. Worse, the pit owner wants them out of their house. While Lorna’s friend Flossie is a tower of strength, other neighbours turn their backs, as rumours spread that Harry helped cause the mine collapse.

At her lowest ebb, Lorna is befriended by Bradley Robinson, the colliery safety officer, whose kindness is a beacon of light in dark times. But as shocking new secrets are revealed, Lorna wonders if Bradley is only using her to learn the truth about the pit. As she struggles to keep her daughters safe, Lorna must decide if she can trust the man she is falling in love with . . .