• Rosie  Sykes

    Rosie Sykes

    Agent : Victoria Hobbs

    Rosie Sykes is a chef and food writer who has cooked in the kitchens of some of Britain’s most celebrated chefs, including Joyce Molyneux, Shaun Hill and Alistair Little. Her critically acclaimed gastropub, The Sutton Arms in Smithfields, London, established her as one of the most exciting cooks working in the UK, and from 2001 to 2003 Rosie wrote for the Guardian Weekend Magazine as The Kitchen Doctor. She currently works as development chef for restaurants as far apart as Cambridge, Oxford and Abergavenny, south Wales.

    Rosie is the author of The Kitchen Revolution (2008), The Sunday Night Book (2017), and Every Last Bite (2024).


    Photo credit: Stella Pereira