• Sarah  Lotz

    Sarah Lotz

    Agent : Oli Munson

    Sarah Lotz has painted outrageous frescoes for dubious casinos, written kids’ cartoons and lived homeless on the streets of Paris as a teenage runaway. She’s also written a lot of books on her own, and with collaborators, including the Downside horror series as SL Grey (with Louis Greenberg), the ferocious zombie YA Deadlands trilogy as Lily Herne, with her 22 year old daughter, Savannah Lotz and the cheerfully sexy Girl Walks Into… erotica series with Helen Moffett and Paige Nick. She also writes insanely smart and creepy thrillers, crime novels and memoir under her own name.

    She likes scruffy dogs, fast cars and sitting in her attic making stuff up.

    Her latest solo novel, Impossible, was published by HarperFiction in 2022.