Jacket for 'Blind Fear'


UK - Piatkus
Germany - Gustav Lubbe Verlag
Holland - House of Books
Poland - Proszynski I S-KA
Czech Republic - BB Art
Israel - Or Am Publishers

Blind Fear

By Hilary Norman

Published Jan 2010

Joanna Guthrie has come to New York to help sculptor Jack Donovan learn to work with his new guide-dog. From the outset she is intrigued by her unconventional host, though there’s something unhealthy about the intense emotions Jack inspires in his colleagues and friends. As Joanna finds herself fighting her own attraction to Jack, she also begins to feel dangerously unwelcome.

And while the FBI investigates the disappearance of a number of local people, all too close at hand another object of beauty is being admired, coveted and stalked…